Umar Ali Umar, Yunusa Onivehu Obadoba


Researchers have proposed different and varying methods in approaching risk factors and identification, but none has comprehensively dealt with the issue of risk factors in rice production. Most research on risk sources in rice production are treated on a broad level without narrowing it down to the farmers level. Risk identification in rice production should encompass all areas in the production as much as possible. In this study, based on how the factors, both outward and inward influence the productivity of rice production, the researchers aim at analysing the risk sources and perception in rice production in Soba, Kaduna state, Nigeria. Well established questionnaires were used in accumulating data from 342 farmers in the field. The sample number was gotten using Yamane formula for determining sample size in a population study. The information collected with questionnaires was examined making use of SPSS which entails mean, frequency table, percentages, charts and Kendall’s statitics.  The results gathered from the research showed that the highest risk source to rice production in Soba included technological risks and also financial risks with a mean rank of 4.08 and 3.62 respectively. The estimation of the w-statistics turned out to be 0.413, which implies that there is a moderate agreement by rice producers, which is fairly acceptable.

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